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HD Two Cables

Sold as a matched pair, these are the original two cables provided with the HD Two headphones. They function as replacement cables for the HD Two or general purpose detachable/aux cables.

Sold Out
$10 USD
  • HD Two Cables – Includes 2 Cables
    Includes 2 Cables

    Bundle includes 2 cables: One 1.2m black cable with an in-line mic/remote and one extended 1.7 meter red cable that's great for desktop and gaming applications.

  • HD Two Cables – Remote & Mic
    Remote & Mic

    Easily control music playback, pickup/hangup calls, and make handsfree calls. Compatible with all smartphones.

  • HD Two Cables – Universal Cable
    Universal Cable

    Designed for the Status Audio HD Two headphones, but usable with virtually all 3.5mm aux inputs.