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CB-1 Cables

Sold as a matched pair, these are the original cables provided with the CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitors. Each cable has a twist-lock mechanism designed specially for the CB-1, and a threaded tip for ¼ inch adaptor.

Sold Out
$20 USD
  • CB-1 Cables – Includes 2 Cables
    Includes 2 Cables

    Bundle includes two 3-meter black detachable cables, one of which includes a coiled portion for increased reach and flexibility.

  • CB-1 Cables – Professional Grade
    Professional Grade

    Thick, rugged cables that withstand the rigor of professional use. Threaded tip for ¼ inch adaptor.

  • CB-1 Cables – Universal Cable
    Universal Cable

    Designed for the Status Audio CB-1 headphones, but usable with virtually all 3.5mm aux inputs.